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C and S Lab Management Services is an authorized distributor for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Kits. 


We are currently performing PCR and Rapid Testing. 

Cancer Genetic Testing (CGx) DNA cancer testing

Hereditary or Predisposition Cancer Genomics

Pharmacogenomics Testing (PGX)

The next generation of regenerative medicine

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s Diseases

Hereditary Alzheimer's Disease 

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Your Guide to the Answers 

Hereditary Cancer Risk

Reasons to consider CGX testing

Early Diagnosis

What is PGX testing?

Genetic Counseling 

Genetic counselors available for results

  C and S Lab Management Services 

Hereditary or Predisposition Cancer Genomics

If you have any of the following you might consider CGX testing:

  • Several first-degree relatives (mother, father, sisters, brothers, children) with cancer.

  • Many relatives on one side of the family who have had the same type of cancer.

  • A cluster of cancers in your family that are known to be linked to a single gene mutation (such as breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancers in your family).

  • A family member with more than 1 type of cancer.

  • Close relatives with cancers that are linked to rare hereditary cancer syndromes. 

  • A family member with a rare cancer such as breast cancer in a male or retinoblastoma.

  • Ethnicity (for example Jewish ancestry is linked to ovarian and breast cancers).

  • A physical finding that's linked to an inherited cancer (such as having many colon polyps).

  • A known genetic mutation in one or more family members who have already had genetic testing.


Treatment tailored to your DNA

Finding the medication that works best for you shouldn't be a guessing game. A simple cheek swab can reveal which medications may cause side effects or even dangerous adverse reactions the cause of more than 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. 

We accept Medicaid & Medicare/PPO

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